ECP, an investor with a decades-long reputation in the electricity, renewable and sustainable solutions sector, today announced that it has published its 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. The full report details the firm's longstanding leadership in ESG, its decarbonization investment approach and the breadth and depth of this commitment across the ECP portfolio.

Under the long-term guidance of the firm's leadership team and cross functional ESG Committee, ECP has cultivated a culture of responsibility and an investment portfolio focused on transforming North America's electricity system to be cleaner, more reliable, and more sustainable. In 2019 alone, ECP avoided more than 21 million metric tons of CO2 emissions across its power generation portfolio – the equivalent to the annual emissions of more than five million passenger vehicles or the electricity consumption of approximately 4.2 million U.S. households. ECP has owned and developed over 100 renewable facilities throughout our ownership, most recently increasing our renewable energy generation by 14% between 2019 and 2020.

"ECP firmly believes that a functioning economy and society cannot exist without safe, cost-effective, environmentally sound, and reliable energy and other infrastructure. As a result, the connection between ESG and value creation is integral to our investment philosophy as the leading private owner of power generation and renewable assets in the U.S.," said Doug Kimmelman, Founder and Senior Partner at ECP. "As we have successfully done with previous energy transitions, ECP is today investing in and partnering with the businesses, communities and individuals that are driving the shift toward electrifying and decarbonizing the economy, and this report both underscores the success of those efforts to date while providing a roadmap for the path forward."

Since its inception in 2005, ECP has owned, operated and developed more than 56 GW of power generation, renewable and storage assets (representing enough generation to power over 35 million homes each year, equivalent to 25% of the total residential homes in the U.S.), and has invested more than $13 billion in energy transition businesses.

ECP manages a vast portfolio with assets and operations that touch communities in all 50 states, three U.S. territories and three Canadian provinces. As part of the firm's hands-on and operationally-minded ownership approach, ECP invests substantially in safety upgrades, maintenance programs and environmental control systems, improving conditions for employees and the communities in which its portfolio companies operate.

"The magnitude of change we are seeing across the energy value chain is incredible, as whole communities and economies are beginning to shift their focus to electrified, decarbonized forms of energy and a more circular economy," Mr. Kimmelman continued. "Our foundation as an investor, experienced operator, and innovator is rooted in these sectors, and our deeply seasoned team is strongly positioned to achieve those shared objectives. We believe that we play an important role in helping facilitate a low-carbon economy and are proud to continue to drive a more sustainable future for generations to come."

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About ECP

ECP, founded in 2005, is a leading investor across energy transition, electrification and decarbonization infrastructure assets, including power generation, renewables and storage solutions, environmental infrastructure and efficiency & reliability assets facilitating the energy transition. The ECP team, comprised of 55 people with 500 years of collective industry experience, deep expertise and extensive relationships, has consummated more than 60 transactions over the last 10 years, representing more than $45 billion of enterprise value.


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