Preqin announced their 2023 League Tables honorees today, including Energy Capital Partners (ECP) on their list of Top Performing Infrastructure Funds by Net IRR (Vintages 2014-2019) for ECP IV.

*Preqin released the 2023 Preqin League Tables, which are compiled by Preqin using public domain information and data reported to Preqin by certain participants in such rankings, in December 2022. Energy Capital Partners provided certain information to Preqin in connection with Preqin’s preparation of such rankings, which rankings address various categories spanning fund vintages of 2014-2019 and ultimately represent the opinion of Preqin and not of Energy Capital Partners. Neither Preqin nor Energy Capital Partners has independently verified or assessed the information provided by other parties in connection with the preparation of the 2023 Preqin League Tables. Energy Capital Partners pays an annual subscription fee to Preqin for access to certain data but did not compensate Preqin to be considered for or ultimately receive this ranking. There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusion as the foregoing. Information relating to Preqin’s methodology is available here.