ECP purchased Brayton Point, a 1,528 MW coal-fired facility in Massachusetts, as part of a larger transaction with Dominion Resources, Inc. in August 2013. The other plants in the transaction, Kincaid and Elwood, were contributed to ECP's larger Fund II power generation platform, EquiPower Resources Corp. (“EquiPower”).

Brayton Point began commercial operations in 1963 and supplied power to ISO New England market. Soon after the acquisition of Brayton Point, ECP announced plans to retire the facility by June 2017 due to a challenging long-term economic outlook for the facility. Nonetheless, ECP closed on the sale of Brayton Point to Dynegy Inc. in April 2015. Dynegy Inc. proceeded to manage Brayton Point’s operations through the facility’s retirement in 2017.

During ECP’s ownership of Brayton Point, EquiPower served as asset manager for the facility and oversaw the plant’s activities in the areas of commercial dispatch, operations and maintenance and human resources.