In April 2022, ECP acquired Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (“RT”), a leading provider of closed-loop oil management solutions to ~32,000 restaurants and food service customers across the U.S. RT offers two critical services to food service venues: fresh oil delivery and used cooking oil (“UCO”) collection. Traditionally, these processes are often regarded as “pain points” in commercial kitchens, resulting in labor inefficiencies and safety hazards. RT’s closed-loop system automates these pain points, eliminates undesirable and dangerous manual labor, reduces plastic waste associated with traditional fresh oil delivery, and ultimately offers savings to the customer relative to the manual alternative. UCO is then aggregated across RT’s nationwide depot network and sold into the biofuel market as recycled feedstock for low carbon transportation fuels.

U.S. renewable diesel capacity is expected to grow rapidly, creating unprecedented feedstock shortages in the renewable fuels industry. UCO, as the lowest carbon-intensity feedstock available, represents the most valuable input for renewable diesel producers. As global efforts to curb carbon emissions intensifies, we believe RT is well-positioned as the largest independent source of UCO in North America.