In December 2014, ECP acquired Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc. from Waste Management, Inc. Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Wheelabrator is a leader in the safe and environmentally sustainable conversion of municipal solid waste and other renewable waste fuels into clean energy.

Wheelabrator is the second largest waste-to-energy business in the United States. The company has an annual waste processing capacity of approximately 8 million tons and a total combined electric generating capacity of approximately 800 MWs, including Wheelabrator’s 50% stake in the UK Ferrybridge plant, which came online in July 2015. Wheelabrator also owns and operates four independent power plants, which generate electricity using an assortment of fuels, including waste wood, waste coal, natural gas, and four ash landfills. Wheelabrator’s facilities are primarily located in the northeastern U.S., though the company has a pipeline of WtE projects across the UK that are under construction or in advanced stages of development.

Wheelabrator’s waste-to-energy facilities reduce the volume of solid waste materials going to landfills, thereby reducing methane emissions generated in such landfills, while generating electricity without the need for additional fossil fuels. The business generates revenue from both the fuel source (tipping fees associated with accepting waste volumes) and the energy output (as a baseload plant that typically operates 24 hours each day of the year).