Mr. D’Argenio is a Partner at ECP and a member of the Investment Committee. He is involved in all areas of the Firm’s investment activities, with particular emphasis on gas-fired and renewable power generation, distributed energy, and energy and utility related services. Mr. D’Argenio currently serves on the boards of Sunnova Energy Corp., Pivot Energy Inc., Custom Truck Source One, (formerly, NESCO Holdings LP), Reflectance Energy, LP, Avolta Renewable Holdings, LLC, and Braya Renewable Fuels. Prior to realization, Mr. D’Argenio served on the boards of PLH Group, Inc., Brayton Point Power, LLC, EquiPower Resources Corp., Triton Power Partners LP, Transit Energy Group, Odessa Power Holdings, LLC and Red Oak Power Holdings, LLC.

Prior to joining ECP in 2010, Mr. D’Argenio spent seven years at First Reserve Corporation, an international energy-focused private equity firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. His responsibilities at First Reserve included a leadership role in power, financial services and coal related investments. Prior to that, Mr. D’Argenio worked in the Energy & Utilities Investment Banking Group at Deutsche Bank Securities. Mr. D’Argenio began his career in the structured finance group at Sempra Energy Trading.

Mr. D’Argenio received a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.


Avolta Renewable Holdings
Braya Renewable Fuels
Custom Truck One Source
Pivot Energy
Brayton Point Power
EquiPower Resources
Odessa Power
PLH Group
Red Oak Power
Transit Energy Group
Triton Power Partners