Mr. Reeder is a Managing Partner of ECP and a member of the Management Committee, Investment Committee, Valuation Committee, and ESG Committee. He is involved in all areas of the Firm’s investment activities, with a particular emphasis on power generation and environmental infrastructure. Mr. Reeder led the take-private acquisition of Calpine Corporation and currently serves on the boards of Calpine Corporation, Liberty Tire, Gopher Resource, EnergySolutions, Inc., Convergent, Heartland Generation, and Terra-Gen, LLC. Prior to realization, he served on the boards of Wheelabrator Technologies Inc., ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC, Dynegy Inc., EquiPower Resources Corp., Broad River Power Holdings, LLC, CE2 Carbon Capital, LLC, and Empire Gen Holdings, Inc.

Prior to joining ECP in 2006, Mr. Reeder spent his career in the power generation sector, serving in operating and management roles with two power generation companies. He was a Vice President of Texas Genco, LLC, from 2004 to 2006, where he was head of the asset optimization desk, responsible for managing the power and fuel positions for their generation portfolio. Prior to that, Mr. Reeder spent two years as an advisor to the consortium of private equity firms that acquired Texas Genco, LLC, in the evaluation of potential power generation acquisition opportunities. From 1998 to 2002, Mr. Reeder was a Director for Energy Markets and a Finance Manager at Orion Power Holdings, Inc., where he was responsible for power marketing, acquisition analysis and execution. From 1996 to 1998, Mr. Reeder worked at Goldman Sachs.

Mr. Reeder received a B.A. in Economics from Colgate University.


Calpine Corporation
Gopher Resource
Heartland Generation
Liberty Tire
ADA Carbon Solutions
Broad River Power
CE2 Carbon Capital
Empire Generating
EquiPower Resources
Ramaco Resources
Wheelabrator Technologies